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About John Bredin

I’m here at the south end of Pine Island in Southwest Florida with the Pine Island Sound & the Gulf of Mexico as my back yard, literally. My wife Cheryl, (Real Estate broker & sales associate), works on another Island locally that doesn’t have a bridge so she drives a boat to work daily. We are what you’d call water people, almost always living by the edge of some great body of water and for the past quarter century sailing our 38 foot Cross Racer/Cruiser Trimaran around South Florida, the Keys and the Northern Bahamas whenever we get enough time. Before that it was mostly surfing in Southern California. The sea and the abundance of life in all its precious forms are my primary inspiration for the images I paint. My philosophy includes the thought that we should be like water, strength with flexibility, learn to flow and adapt. Thoughts are things, so live with good thoughts and live today,….. now. Yesterday is history, tomorrow’s a mystery.

Some history: As a very young child and until I was eight years old I lived on the edge of Lake Michigan. At the age of fourteen I started living part of each year in Southern California. Minnesota was home during the school year. The imprinting of the endless seascape of Lake Michigan I got as an infant led directly to the Pacific Ocean, San Diego and Encinitas as home until moving off the coast and into the local mountains for a few years before the move to Pine Island, where we’ve been since 1987.

After moving to Mission Beach in the early 60’s, (part of San Diego), I was catapulted into the Surfboard industry working my way through production and management jobs with Bahne Surfboards and Fins Unlimited and ultimately landing in Surfboards Hawaii where I developed, (commercially), a new style of applying color to surfboards, the airbrush. I worked for several different surfboard companies near Encinitas California doing airbrush illustration and color work while I was getting my degree to teach art from San Diego State University. While still doing color work on the boards I was also designing logos, doing full color ads in Surfer Magazine, T shirt designs, etc. I used innovative techniques, (derived from the airbrush work on boards), in the full color ads. Techniques that hadn’t been used previously and I was successful enough that I never did use my degree to teach and have always been a freelance artist with both the freedoms and the difficulties of not having a real job. I’ve been at it for 50 years now, with enough time and experience to have ideas and opinions that I can share, some that might help with your project or art need.


More about the non-business side……… Other interests:

I’ve always been compelled to mess around with boats, models and things that floated down the stream near my house when I was an 8 year old kid living next to Lake Michigan. Maybe that was the seed or maybe it’s my Norwegian/Irish heritage and love of working with my hands but in any case it led to a life around water. I was the assistant and lesser partner in the building of Cross #50 in the mid 1960’s, a 36 foot cruising trimaran which went to Hawaii. I’ve been hooked on Surfing and Multihull sailing ever since! Some of the most challenging as well as some of the most rewarding moments/days of my life have been while either completely out of sight of land or right next to it, in or on the water. That’s a big part of the picture, but add a love of dogs to that with a history of Dobermans and now Boxers and Bull Dogs. We love our dogs! They’ve sailed to the Bahamas with us but these days they’re pretty content to just take the skiff to the beach at Upper Captiva Island.

Cheryl, (my wife of 36 plus years), and I lived in the mountains above Palm Springs for a few years and we ultimately decided it was too far from the ocean as well as too serious a fire threat but while we were there I got into riding a dual purpose KTM 250 on back roads, fire trails, recently cleared trails and roads. I’d ridden Japanese and British road machines but the KTM was a lot more like surfing. The love of doing that has me now riding a couple of Honda Sportbikes to do errands as well as an occasional back road ride with friends. It sharpens all your senses. It makes commuting an adventure and I’ve enjoyed customizing them. The fun is in the corners.

“It’s hard to stay in even remotely good shape as you age without some sort of seriously active sport and if you’re going to sail until old age you better figure out a way.” That thought as well as the realization that it wasn’t getting any easier to stay underwater for a minute or so helped me decide to start riding bicycles with a friend who invited me to learn how the pros did it. 5 years and 20 or so thousand miles later is where I am now. Sometimes you just feel compelled to ride. A nice bicycle is a work of art! And riding is a science with the bike a fantastic aerobic training tool. Endorphin addiction is real by the way.

Cheryl and I love the beach, pretty much any beach we haven’t seen before, but our home beach is one of the nicest inthe world, (of the ones that don’t have surf). Our children have had a lot of beach time from California to the Bahamas. Walking on the beach has to be one of the most therapeutic exercises one can have, and to have a partner who likes it as much as you do…..I’m blessed, right from the start she liked the same music as I do.

The biggest problem is having enough time and energy to keep enjoying all of it as well as getting the work done, but I’m finding a way with a nice pace while enjoying the work too. Adapt and adjust, go with the flow, leave a clean wake. Looking forward to tomorrow but living today. Watching the wind.

Bio & Work History


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